As the new year of 1986 began, the family of Randy Robbins consisted of Randy, Claudia, Brandon and Jared Robbins. Jared was just 9 months old and Brandon was not quite 3 years old when we found out there would be an addition to our family.

On August 21, 1986, we were hoping for a girl that we would name Natalie Roseanne, but had our 3rd boy instead – Travis Lavoy Robbins – he was born at 9:47PM. We quickly became very happy & proud to have 3 sons & dismissed the idea of a daughter. On that day, our lives and family changed forever!

Travis grew up in Martinez, California until he was 5 years old. He loved anything he could do with his brothers. He was very imaginative, insightful at an extremely early age, & full of energy, smiles, hugs, mischief and love.

At age 4 he could understand how much God loved him, and asked if he could accept Jesus as his Savior – so he and Mommy prayed together. Several years later he and his two brothers were baptized together at a little church in Forest Ranch, so they could show others they loved God and wanted him in their lives.

When our family moved to Forest Ranch, California in 1992, Travis was in his element. He loved the outdoors, our home that his father built, and growing up in the woods on 5 acres. He made forts, snowmen, igloos & T. P.’s. Climbed trees, went on hikes, swam in creeks, spent countless hours jumping on the trampoline, playing Cowboys and Indians, video games, Lego’s, GI Joes, Micro Machines, Ninja Turtles, etc – you name it, he and his two brothers had fun doing it.

As he got older, Travis loved to ride his dirt bike, go 4 wheeling, hunt, fish, hike and backpack. He also loved to snowboard and wakeboard. Travis worked in a family business with his father and two brothers where they formed a partnership in 2005. He was a loving, caring person, with a great sense of humor, as well as a great craftsman. He made an impression on each person he came in contact with. He was a wonderful addition and completion to our little family.

On Saturday, March 18, 2006, our lives and family again were changed forever when we got the call that Travis’s life had ended in North Dakota!

I’m sure there are many questions that some might have with regard to Travis’ death. He was often a very private person about his personal life, so we will leave out the long story of his last year of life, but if you would like to click on the link of How & Why there is a brief explanation of events that led up to his death.

Travis had many friends and even more family that will always miss him and will continue to feel the void he has left until we are reunited with him & spend Eternity together. What a happy day that will be!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website dedicated to Travis’ memory. Come back often, and feel free to sign our guest book anytime and as often as you would like (we welcome any memories you have to share, or thoughts for our family – it warms our hearts to remember anything about him, or hear stories about parts of his life we may have not been a part of). We will continue to build a profile of Travis’ life so he will not be forgotten – he will never be far from our hearts and thoughts – we have so many wonderful memories and pictures to help us until we see him again.

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